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Acoustic camera - prototyping

Prototyp 1

Together with engineers of GFaI eV Berlin we have constructed and built two prototypes of an acoustic camera to get impressions an datas for a successful serial production of feasible models of these devices.

The cameras are used for example in the areas of environment, transport planning and vehicle development to locate noise sources, make them visible and/or eliminate interference.

Prototyp 1 - Diameter deployed 1600 mm

Akustische_Kamera_111.jpg Akustische_Kamera_113.jpg Akustische_Kamera_114.jpg Akustische_Kamera_115.jpg

Prototyp 2 - Diameter deployed 3600 mm

Einzelteile - Individual parts.jpg Detail.jpg Hightec.jpg Entfaltet auf Stativ - Deployed on tripod.jpg
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