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16.05.2012: LTA LSG 003-12

CTsw with full wingspan trimtab - extended until 30.06.2013


CTsw with full wingspan trimtab

All registered owners of the concerned ultralights have the option to order the implementation of LTA in accordance with the manufacturer service instruction SI-LTUL-CTSW-05 and SI-LTUL CTSW-13.


Short description of implementation


At this modification the trimtab has to be shortened at left/right end. Outer parts will be glued and inner cutting lines closed with end plates. After balancing of counterweight the aircaft will be test flown to ensure the required trim performances in accordance with AOI.


Please schedule for our implementation at least 3 working days. The overall price of net 1.300 EURO includes all inspection fees, check flights, new weight and balance.


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