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01.01.2011: Problems with leaking fuel tanks - older CT models

(Model year 2004 and before)


RED = affected areas!

In the early models of the CT,  tank sealants were not alcohol-resistant. After the addition of ethanol, and other types of alcohol in the auto fuel (Mogas)  - also known as E5 or E10 - the old sealant started to disintegrate and fuel was soaked into the sandwich structures in the fuel tank areas (see picture) Unfortunately this process can be seen in a late stadium when fuel fumes solves the top coat and small bubble filled with fumes or fuel appear. In can not excluded completely that this process disintegrates the wing structure. Thats why we recommend the complete exchange of the wing structure in the affected fuel tank areas (see red area at picture) and the use of a 2-component, ethanol proof tank sealant. For this we use the same as Flight Design it uses for the CT models from 2005 series.




Pricing:    Price depends on the overall condition of the wings and the aircraft.


Please ask for your personell offer after pysical inspection at 

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